Internal Communication, Change Communication, & Coaching

We believe strategic internal communication engages hearts, minds and behaviours, driving organisation outcomes. 

We build and develop your internal communication function, manage significant changes or transitions and provide senior-level coaching.


Centre For Strategic Communication Excellence

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence (CSCE) is your gateway to valuable knowledge, insights and expert on-demand, virtual and classroom strategic communication training.

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence – your gateway to valuable knowledge, insights and expert strategic communication training – now has its own website.


We are global leaders in strategic communication management, internal and change communication, working with people and organisations that want to empower and inspire their employees..

What Our Clients Say

I recently had the privilege of receiving communication coaching from Adrian Cropley – a distinguished professional and an admirable personality. I am grateful for all the valuable advice and direction he gave me for the next steps of my career, as well as for his unique ethos which truly inspired me. If you are working in communication you need to speak to Adrian.

— Georgia Moschovou, Unilever

I have worked with Cropley Communication for eight years. The team has delivered training, large change and onboarding programs with measurable results. They have an innate understanding of what’s most important, are true internal communications experts -- and are an absolute pleasure to work with. When I have complex (and not so complex) programs to deliver, they are the first people I call.

— Heather Ritchie, Nokia

Great training for teams ­­– especially new ones to align and reframe the business conversation and demonstrate value!

— Vanessa Barrington, Internal Communication Manager

This course changed the way I thought about communication, and delivered on its promise to give me the skills to become a confident strategic communication practitioner. When I started the course, I had been a communication practitioner for 15 years but knew I had gaps in my knowledge that I needed to fill to progress my career. What I learned not only filled those gaps but helped me to recognise and value the skills I already have, and taught me how to promote myself as a communications professional. It also gave me tools to feel confident engaging with leaders in my organisation. I have now learned to think strategically about not only work, but my career as a communication professional.

— Juliette Elfick, Media and Communications Adviser

As an emerging communication professional I found the course extremely useful not only in understanding the profession and best practise but also understanding the framework and mindset needed to be successful in business communication. Also the application of the framework to a practical real world problem was very useful to my current role.

— Matthew Boland, Marketing and Internal Communications Coordinator