Change Communication

We can help you understand the change journey, build a strategy that engages people and delivers business results.


Change is never “business as usual”. Whether it’s a shift in government policy, business restructuring or internal culture, it comes with risk to productivity, brand, reputation, and most importantly, to key relationships that affect trust.

Change can bring an organisation renewed success, but it can also cause friction within an organisation that can hamper these changes. Our communication professionals are here to help you develop a change communication strategy for your organisation to help you navigate this often uncertain period.


The importance of change communication

It’s a natural instinct for people to resist change. Even when they’re open to it, they need to know what’s happening and how it will affect them and the organisation. However, communicating effectively requires a greater focus and effort, particularly from leaders who play a greater role during times of change.

An organisational change management strategy must start with clear, focused communication that is meaningful to the audience. As an important prerequisite, employees must clearly understand the business. When employees are familiar with the business environment and the strategic direction, they will also recognise the necessity for change and support it.

We’ll work with you to determine the change readiness of your organisation and how to assess any inherent risks, the role of leaders, and how to build change communication competence in your organisation.


What you can expect from us

Partnering with our team of communication professionals is the first step in successfully navigating your organisation’s changes. With the wide breadth of communication services we offer, you can be confident that we can help your organisation through its changes and get it ready to handle its new reality. Expect the following when you partner with us:

  • For the best results, come to us well before any changes are implemented. We'll work with you to determine the effects these changes will have on your organisation. Then we'll implement a strategy to help you survive and thrive after the change
  • Our reach is global, so we know how to work with organisations that require an international strategy
  • Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of managing a change before it happens. Even in these situations, our communication professionals can assist you to implement and deal with it effectively


What you stand to gain

When your organisation is about to undergo a change in leadership, structure or mission, it can be a fraught time both internally and externally. Navigating this can be difficult, bordering on impossible without an effective change communication strategy. Instead of leaving it to chance or attempting to handle the issue in-house, you can trust in our experienced communication professionals to assist you in this effort to ensure that your organisation gets the full benefit of your change.