Change is never business as usual. Whether it’s a change to government policy, business restructuring or transformational cultural change, it comes with risk to productivity, brand, reputation, and most importantly, to key relationships that affect trust.

It’s a natural instinct for people to resist change, and even when they’re open to it, they need information about what’s happening and how it will affect them and the organisation. However effectively communicating change requires a greater focus and effort, particularly from leaders, who play a greater role during times of change.

Organisational change must start with clear, focused communication that is meaningful to the audience. As an important pre-requisite, employees must clearly understand the business. When employees understand the business environment and the strategic direction, they will understand why change is needed and are more likely to support key initiatives.

We’ll work with you to determine the change readiness of your organisation and how to assess any inherent risks, the role of leaders, and how to build change communication competence in your organisation.

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