A communication audit evaluates the effectiveness of your internal and external communication. When you have a clear picture of the impact that communication has on your audiences, you can determine whether it’s serving the needs of the organisation or needs adjustment.

An audit can help you identify where you might be missing the mark including any information gaps, messages that aren’t clear, and channels that aren’t delivering the way that you intended or reaching your audiences. It can also help you to establish a benchmark to measure effectiveness.

All this information is valuable input to the strategic communication planning process because if your audience isn’t getting the message in a way that motivates them to think or behave differently, everything else is academic. You don’t want to waste time, money and effort on ineffective communication.

Better yet, it provides data that informs the overall strategic direction of the organisation, demonstrating to senior executives that you understand the business and can contribute to its success in ways that no other function can.

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