Communication Audit

We can manage the entire audit process for you from start to finish to ensure you’re directing your energy and efforts where you should be.


An audit evaluates the effectiveness of your internal communication. When you have a clear picture of how it can impact your audiences, you can determine whether it serves the needs of the organisation or requires adjustment.

An internal communication audit identifies information gaps, messages that aren’t clear, and channels that aren’t performing well. If your audience isn’t getting the message in a way that motivates them to think or behave differently, everything else is academic. It can also help you to establish a benchmark to measure effectiveness.

An internal communication audit provides data that informs the overall strategic direction of the organisation, demonstrating to senior executives that effective communication contributes to its success. It also improves communication from the top and stops unnecessary speculation among employees. When everyone is clear about the mission of the business, productivity and positive engagement increases. Once you take employees’ opinions seriously, they will feel more empowered and in control of their careers.

We provide a professional road map to organise, conduct, present results, and offer recommendations that will help you improve your business culture and bottom-line.

  • We identify the areas you want to evaluate. You may feel that internal communication is strong, except in a few specific areas. Or you question whether the communication is as effective as you would like. We help you specify what we’ll address in the audit and then ensure that the audience represents an excellent cross-section of your employees. If this is your first internal audit, then you will have a baseline to evaluate future feedback
  • We work with you to determine how we will collect the data and then pursue a path to ease employees’ anxiety. We explain why we are collecting data and ensure that it is anonymous, so they answer openly and honestly. Collecting data is only as good as the process we take and the information that employees share
  • We analyse the data and draw objective conclusions. Our unbiased review also offers clear recommendations on how to move forward. You need to communicate back to the employees those issues uncovered and how you will address them