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The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence is your gateway to valuable insights, tips and exclusive content created by global communications experts for communication professionals who are serious about elevating their value in their organisations.

Here you will find information about strategic communication management, internal and change communication, digital and leadership communication, communication research and measurement, the future of the profession and more.

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Guidelines for Contributors

Internal Communication and Employee Engagement

Read about how you can connect and engage employees with your organisation’s purpose.

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Digital Communication

Read about how to navigate the evolving and ever changing world of digital communication and stay ahead of the game.

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Change Communication

Use our tips and insights to help you engage people through change and build change competence within your organisation.

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Crisis Management

The way you respond to a crisis can significantly damage your brand. Read on if you’re serious about crisis preparedness and response.

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Leadership Communication

Read about the makings of a great leader and how you can help your leaders become more effective communicators.

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Research and Measurement

Use our insights to plan and implement communication initiatives that demonstrate measurable results and get you a seat at the business table.

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Strategy and Planning

Access the insights you need to plan and implement communication initiatives grounded in business thinking as an in-demand communication professional.

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Ethics and Trust

Read about what the experts have to say on the importance of ethics and trust in our professional practice.

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Public Relations

Use our tips and insights to engage your stakeholders with purpose to protect, enhance or build your company’s reputation.

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Marketing and Branding

Use our insights to help you develop a deeper understanding of your audience and create a more compelling brand story.

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Read about how companies have used storytelling to motivate and engage their employees and see how you can do the same.

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Ignite Your Career

We share practical models, case studies, insights, tips and tools that make a difference to your work and your ability to deliver results.

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