Effective Communication Improves Engagement And Financial Performance

Barbara Fagan Smith

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Barbara Fagan Smith

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Effective communication improves engagement and financial performance

The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence is honoured to share a preview of the ROI Communication Benchmark Report. Hot off the press, this report delves into the scope and effectiveness of internal communication at the some of the world's leading companies, benchmarking against financial performance.

ROI Communication CEO, Barbara Fagan Smith says, "We all know, as communication professionals, that effective communication is essential to engage, inspire, and empower our employees for the best business results. What may not be clear is how to focus your employee communication resources to make the biggest impact, and how to create a compelling business case for your employee communication initiatives."

The report reviews which elements of internal communication have the greatest impact on business and financial outcomes, current trends in internal communication and growing trends.

The ROI Communication Benchmark Report concludes that effective communication improves engagement and financial performance and has a halo effect on all business decisions. It is essential to engage, inspire, and empower our employees for the best business results.

The report offers three recommendations to focus strategy and budget, triggering the biggest impact on results.

1. Develop and implement a manager communication strategy

Manager credibility is dwindling at a time when it is most needed. Enabling and supporting your managers to be strong communicators is an imperative that will be the most important project you can tackle this year, with the biggest payoff for the company.

"An organization with strong leader and manager communication is one in which all those in leadership roles recognize that one of their core responsibilities is to communicate effectively with employees.

They employ the right skills, training, tools and incentives to align and engage their teams in pursuit of clear business goals. Robust leader and manager communication gives employees confidence that their leaders and managers are credible sources of information."

2. Create a measurement strategy that supports your goals

Measurement is an ongoing process that evolves with communication activities, strategies and tools. Make measurement a priority because improved measurement practices predict increased financial performance.

3. Make your content count

The quality and consistency of message content predicts financial performance and is a major contributor to an environment of trust and engagement. Capture the attention of your employees by ensuring your content is relevant, engaging, entertaining and visual.

The ROI Communication Benchmark is a comprehensive report that captures the changing state of employee communication at the world’s leading companies. It reveals, using rigorous statistical analysis of survey results and financial data, how more effective communication improves engagement and financial performance.

It enables communication leaders to:

  • Quantify strengths and weaknesses of the employee communication function
  • Compare their communication performance to others
  • Access the industry data needed to support communication strategy and initiatives
  • Identify where to invest resources to make the greatest impact

Download the infographic and read the full report to understand where your company may be falling short, where to focus your efforts and dollars.

Barbara Fagan-Smith, the Founder and CEO of ROI Communication, has more than two decades of experience in corporate communications and journalism. She leads ROI's work with a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, helping them strengthen communication within organizations to engage, empower and inspire employees.

Prior to founding ROI Communication, Barbara was the Director of Employee and Electronic Communications at Quantum Corporation, and Director of Interactive Communications at Simply Interactive, Inc. In 2011, the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal named Barbara one of Silicon Valley's 100 most influential women. Barbara was also selected as a winner of the 2008 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards, an annual tribute to North America’s top women entrepreneurs.