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What is AI?

Right now, AI is the term on everyone’s lips. It’s fascinating the entire world, including those of us in the communication profession.

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I'm not beeping happy

Excited about AI? Then think again. This monologue provides a new take on AI and Industry 4.0. It’s a terrifying(?) view of the future written by Wayne and Connor Aspland (with a hat-tip to Red Dwarf’s Talkie Toaster).

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The four things we know about communicating AI

There’s a lot we don’t know in these early days of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There are, however, four things we do know. Understanding them could make a big difference to the way you approach AI moving forward.

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It’s time for communication professionals to step up to AI

The 2019 Communicating AI survey identified what's underway in organisations already communicating about AI and what can be done in an informed and decisive way.

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Communicating AI: Building the Playbook 2019

In this report, we continue to benchmark what communication professionals around the world are observing and doing in communication about artificial intelligence (AI).

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AI and the 2019 trends

AI is not to be feared. It can only do what we tell it to do, what we teach it. We remain in charge.

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Five Ways Communication Professionals Can Prepare Their Business For The Introduction Of Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence into your organisation needn’t be fraught with danger.

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Finding AI

It’s fairly easy to “see” AI in the tools and devices we use in our daily lives. But do we see AI in our workplace?

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Old Macdonald Had A Data Farm, Ai, Ai O!

As the buzz around AI gains momentum, communication professionals are facing another evolution.

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