digital communication

Read about how to navigate the evolving and ever changing world of digital communication and stay ahead of the game.


Finding AI

It’s fairly easy to “see” AI in the tools and devices we use in our daily lives. But do we see AI in our workplace?

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Old Macdonald Had A Data Farm, Ai, Ai O!

As the buzz around AI gains momentum, communication professionals are facing another evolution.

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Communicating Artificial Intelligence

In this report, we explore what communication professionals know, feel and are doing on AI now and what’s needed to be AI-ready.

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Communication In The Face Of The Coming Onslaught

The onslaught will start as a gentle spin, and then ramp up to completely change organisations and how they do business.

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The Birth of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is everywhere from movie screens to the toybox to mainstream business, however, there’s nothing new about it.

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Parsing AI For Communication

What does AI mean to you, the organization that you develop communication for and the stakeholder groups who consume that communication?

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Are FAQs The Future Of Content Marketing? Ask Google Home

Love them or hate them, the reality is that FAQs just got really important. That’s because questions and answers are increasingly becoming the way we communicate online.

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What Happens When Internal Communication Meets Innovative Technology?

Many communication professionals head straight to execution without researching the business or the audience or informing their work with relevant data.

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Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of IC

Analytics is no longer about finding interesting information and flagging it for managers. Now, data are being used to understand every part of a business operation.

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