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What's in a name? The quest to define journalism

Scholars and practitioners argue whether there is one, or multiple definitions, or whether journalism is an art, craft or science. The boundaries of journalism are becoming less discrete, as various ‘actors’ – journalists, citizens, hackers, data scientists, algorithm machines and platforms – interact in order to produce and disseminate information.

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How To Solve 2019’s Communication Challenges

Our global faculty and some of our regular contributors share their views on some of the biggest issues in the communication profession and how we should tackle them in 2019.

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Build The Right Relationships And Earn The Right To Influence

If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.

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Core Competencies for Strategic Communication Management

Self-assessment is a key step in planning your career. It allows you to explore your current values, interests and skills and get to know yourself better.

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The Capabilities Great Communication Professionals Are Made Of

In any discipline where communication is the focus, we need to make sure we have the capabilities to do our job.

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Been in the Wrong Job Too Long? Try These Four Steps

The answer to what we ought to be doing is essentially within each of us. Sometimes we just need a little help to uncover it.

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It's Personal Branding. Not Personal Marketing.

Be a thought leader! Position yourself as an authority! Build your audience! Take charge of your personal brand! It is no wonder that personal branding is met with such derision.

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How to Add Value in 30 Days

While business functions, focus, strategy, goals and missions may differ, these are some tried-and-tested actions you may want to keep in mind during the first few days and months.

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Successfully Managing Your Communication Career: Part 1

Should I stay or should I go?" In part one of a two part series, John Clemons, M.S. APR, ABC, IABC Fellow shares advice on managing your career.

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