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Successfully Managing Your Communication Career: Part 2

To truly understand the new role that you will be undertaking, you need to understand the environment, the team, and the landscape. You must conduct your own due diligence to answer these questions.

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Leading The Communication Function Into The Future: What It Takes

How much of what many internal communication functions do would customers pay for? You can decide.

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Change Management as a Core Competency for Communication Professionals

Employees take ownership for their work, are proud of their accomplishments and have a stake in successful business outcomes. In short, instead of saying “Yes, sir,” employees ask “Why are we doing that?”

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The Power of Language: Are We Communicators or Communication Professionals?

When we refer to ourselves as “communicators” and not “communication professionals” we forego the opportunity to position ourselves as a value adding function.

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Let's Get Women Into The Boardroom

It is sad to say that 30 years ago the reality of females was exactly the same as the reality of the female employees in 2015. Why did things not change? Or did they?

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Are You Following Your Dream Or Drifting Into A Nightmare?

Pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well people can’t take their eyes off you.

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Communicator: Confident Or Coward?

Unsure communicators often focus on the channels and tools. Good communicators become an integral part of the business by understanding its strategy and culture, making a strong business case.

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Lessons I Have Learned in My First 50 Years

Being a grown-up can be fun. Yet when something you do is no longer fun, stop doing it. Remember there’s a difference in having to do something and wanting to do it.

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