research and measurement

Use our insights to plan and implement communication initiatives that demonstrate measurable results and get you a seat at the business table.


Evidence-based Research

We’re wading hip-deep into the topic of evidence-based research that supports the role of communication as a key business driver.

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How Communication Research Influences Business Results

The elusive nature of communication research and measurement is one that challenges even the most experienced communication professional.

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Who's Counting?

When the counting is done and the evidence gathered, everything leads to the same conclusion: Communication matters.

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Effective Communication Improves Engagement And Financial Performance

Effective communication is essential to engage, inspire, and empower our employees for the best business results.

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So You Want To Conduct An Internal Communication Audit?

When you have a clear picture of the impact that communication has on your audiences, you can determine whether it’s serving the needs of the organisation or requires adjustment.

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