Integrated Communication Management

Search the web, and you’ll find at least a dozen different definitions of integrated communication management. While the term has been around for a while, there is little agreement of what it is.

We believe that integrated communication management and strategy is any marketing activity that touches any internal or external audience. The basic premise is simple: Be clear. Be consistent. Be concise. Be credible.

While no two audience segments are the same and messages and tactics may resonate differently for each, it’s possible to align all of them with the business need and then deliver them in smart, creative ways.

Integrated communication management encompasses the full scope of communication disciplines. This includes traditional and content marketing, advertising, social media, advocacy and corporate social responsibility, internal and external branding, media, public and government relations, and everything else in between.

It all starts with research – looking at your current state against the desired state and then developing a comprehensive plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

One more thing. When communication is integrated from the inside out and the outside in, its strength to produce results amplifies considerably.