Internal Communication

We can help you improve your internal communication by aligning messages and channels with your audience and business needs to increase employee engagement and productivity.


Internal communication is a critical business driver that enhances productivity and organisational performance. Highly effective communication functions play a strategic role within organisations to facilitate better communication practices, processes and competence.

Determining whether employees receive, understand and act on information impacts an organisation's ability to attract, recruit and retain talent, attain and maintain high engagement scores and deliver business results. When employees understand the business direction and see how they contribute to the outcome, critical indicators of success across the organisation improve.


The importance of having an internal communication strategy
  • Organisations with an internal communication strategy in place have an easier time attracting and retaining talented workers. This is because employees who understand the value of their contributions to the overall mission of the organisation are more engaged and productive
  • Stakeholders in your company will also feel happier with your organisation and its operations when you can effectively communicate business strategies and goals to them. Additionally, when your employees are engaged and productive, your stakeholders will see the positive impact and growth. This strengthens your organisation all around, increasing shareholder value and creating a stronger social impact
  • Knowing what messages to convey to which audience through the right channels requires a deep understanding of the fundamentals of effective communication. Our team of professionals have years of experience helping businesses of all sizes and types establish the most effective means to communicate internally and accomplish these goals.


Problems an internal communication strategy addresses

An organisation can only be as strong as the employees driving it. For this reason, having an effective internal communication strategy to gauge how employees receive, understand, and act upon information is crucial.

  • One of the main issues facing organisations is that employees are not aligned with their mission because it has not been clearly communicated. We can help you to find the most effective strategies to communicate this to your employees so that they can align their own professional goals with the overall vision of the organisation for greater engagement and focus
  • Employees, especially during the onboarding process, need to understand their role in the organisation, protocols, company culture, and resources available to them. Knowing these things will help them work more effectively with a sense of purpose. Without communicating these to each employee, they will flounder and likely feel disengaged from the organisation. Having an established communication strategy can help you ensure that every employee has a solid understanding of where they stand within the greater organisation and how to work productively
  • Leadership, management, and employees need to have a clear grasp of the means of communication and resources available to communicate within your organisation. What channels do you use and for what purposes? Does everyone have access to these resources? If you haven’t taken the time to set these up within your organisation, your team is unlikely to work effectively. We can help you assess best practices and implement them company-wide to enhance communication and by extension, productivity


The Bottom Line Impact of Effective Communication - SVG


Effective internal communication uses research to inform strategy development and is aligned with corporate direction and business needs. It requires a thorough understanding of the business environment and its audience needs to establish meaningful objectives that deliver business results.

Audiences are segmented by their needs and preferences, so the approach and tactical delivery influence awareness and understanding, and motivates behaviour. The strategy is measured by its ability to deliver results against the objectives set.


The Strategic Communication Planning Process - SVG


We can help you improve your internal communication by aligning messages and channels with your audience and business needs to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Establishing effective internal communication drives business and improves productivity in organisations, yet many overlook this critical element when seeking ways to enhance performance. We work with organisations to develop strategies to enhance internal communication practices, processes and competence for a better work environment and increased efficiency in any business operations.