Internal communication is a critical business driver that enhances productivity and organisational performance. Highly effective communication functions play a strategic role within organisations to facilitate better communication practices, processes and competence.

Determining whether employees receive, understand and act on information has a significant impact on the organisations’ ability to attract, recruit and retain talent, attain and maintain high engagement scores and deliver business results. When employees understand the business direction and can see how the work they do contributes to business results, key indicators of success across the organisation improve.

Effective Communication

Effective internal communication uses research to inform strategy development, and is aligned with corporate direction and business needs. It requires a thorough understanding of the business environment and audience needs to establish meaningful objectives that deliver business results. Audiences are segmented based on their needs and preferences, so the approach and tactical delivery influences awareness and understanding, and motivates behaviour. The strategy is measured by its ability to deliver results against the objectives set.

Internal Communication

We can help you improve your internal communication by aligning messages and channels with your audience and business needs to increase employee engagement and productivity.

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