Just like individuals, when it comes to organisations, reputation is everything. It’s the cornerstone of your business, the sum of all intangible assets and the measurable in customer loyalty, revenue and profit. It’s your reputation capital.

The difference between a good reputation and a poor one will tell the tale in the marketplace. An organisation that builds trust through deed and action, is seen to be fair and ethical and contributes to the greater good of the community and its constituents. Creating this goodwill is an investment against difficult times and akin to putting money in the bank – reputation capital that you can draw on when it’s needed.

While organisations have reputations, so do senior executives whose names tend to be synonymous with the brand. The reputation of your executives can affect share price, customer loyalty, investments, and bottom-line profit. In short, reputation management is a must so that who you are seen to be in the marketplace delivers a return on investment.

We can help you benchmark your current reputation through an extended communication audit that looks at internal and external communication, and the programs and services that you have in place for employees, companies, investors and your community stakeholders.

Once we have a clear picture of what your audiences believe to be true about your organisation, we’ll work with you to develop strategies to strengthen your overall brand and reputation.