Lifting the Lid on Strategic Communication Excellence


Lifting the Lid is our free monthly webinar series hosted by Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP, featuring examples, case studies, presentations and discussions about strategic communication excellence.

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Lifting the Lid Episode #1 With James E. Lukaszewski: Crisis proofing your organisation's reputation (and maybe your own)

They don't call him the expert to call "when all hell breaks loose" for nothing. Jim is an expert’s expert in dealing with tough, touchy, supersensitive, reputation-threatening and redefining circumstances. In our first Lifting the Lid webinar, Jim talks about the five crucial elements most crisis response plans avoid, ignore, or simply lack, and the seven crucial mistakes that turn a potentially perfect response into persistent, long-term, bad news.

Here are downloadable presentation slides and the handout Jim shared. Bonus treat: Jim's going to record a follow-up session just for us to answer some bonus questions – stay tuned.