Research shows that the number one reason for project success or failure is directly attributable to how well you know and engage stakeholders. Stakeholders are important individuals or groups of individuals to consider in planning or executing any change or communication activity as they can positively or negatively influence your chances of success. 

Taking the time to identify and understand those who are important to your project or business change initiative is an extremely worthwhile activity. Knowing who they are and how to bring them along on the journey will save you time, money, energy, stress and possibly your project.

That’s why great project management includes equally great stakeholder management strategies. In fact, it is at the core of success. Strong stakeholder management helps you to ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget and with solid support from those who influence business outcomes.

Our knowledge and experience in stakeholder management can help you see your initiative through the eyes of the audience, and recognise and mitigate the risks to the achievement of your objectives. Our approach to stakeholder management will help you:

  • Identify and analyse your key stakeholders
  • Identify their potential impact and how they might react to various situations
  • Manage their engagement
  • Leverage relationships and build coalitions
  • Create a governance structure
  • Create an environment that recognises the different perspectives, needs and expectations of your key stakeholders so that you can manage their engagement and the business outcome